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About me

My name is Prasit Srithanomwong. People call me TiKalrai or Ti Ladprow. I have involved with bettas for more than fifty years. Back in the year 1944, when I was about fourteen years old. I started to go to Kalrai arena, the most popular fighting arena in Thailand ever. After finish all fights, I often followed famous breeders to see and learn how they take care their fighting bettas. I went to Kalrai arena every week and always won some money to go to school. After finishing school, I still bought bettas and took them to fight in any arena all over Thailand for many years. Later on, I started to get harder and harder to find people to bet with me. Moreover, many people asked to buy bettas from me.Then, I started to sell and got more and more customers. In 1996, I had my own betta farm at Phetchaburi ,people named Mountain Tiger Farm. They know,nobody want to bet with bettas from our farm. In order to have bettas to support all our customers In 2005, I bought another farm in Chachoengsao and still has good fighting bettas untill now.


Ti Ladprow


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